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New Online CHAS 2020

What is CHAS it stands for Contractor Health and Safety Scheme any company can join it irrespective of size and it allows companies to tender for various local authority work e.g councils-housing associations- Schools – Hospitals etc you can apply for various applications if you are a less than or more than 5 employees or are a principal contractor Arthur Williams as done all applications successfully in all industries so if you think CHAS will benefit your company don’t hesitate to contact myself my costings are reasonable for developing a full health and safety management system to suit your companies needs either just a one off application or we develop an annual work agreement which will include CHAS full health and safety auditing and monitoring this gives companies peace of mind knowing they have cover 7 days per week 52 weeks of the year – I will develop all mandatory requirements and training to achieve CHAS compliancy and coordinate with an appointed person within your organisation via telephone or email or site visit.
If you have applied before recently CHAS will now email you a CHAS l 1 month before to compliancy date  once you receive this email it to myself at and i will instruct you what to do in phase 2 You will now use your email address and develop a password to login in future i can do all the CHAS catergories now Premium-Principal Contractor or Designer etc if its requested.

Under the new scheme you must pay prior to uploading documented evidence so you must log on using your email address and password onto the CHAS website check your company details Before uploading your insurance i will instruct you the next phase until you Pay for registration on line.

On occasions, I maybe  visit your site to assist in the process but I will guide you through the process it so don’t worry but this is now the new process to apply for CHAS compliancy in future.
Once the above as been completed I then take over uploading documented evidence to completion I will keep checking in case the assessor requires any further Health and Safety Information and I will see it through to compliancy. All CHAS Certificates are now electronic to downloads also you need to request CHAS Stickers for your vehicles etc

All Covid 19 working practices complete now a feature in CHAS all Successful completed.


CHAS Renewal

Are you CHAS registered and up for renewal? Let us make it quick and easy for you. If you are looking to get CHAS accreditation for the first time we can help you too.

Safety Advisors

Do you need up to date information but don’t have the resources within your business? Contact AWHSTA today we can provide peace of mind at a reasonable cost

Construction line

Are you looking for help with your Construction line Gold or any application, we can offer a reduced price for completion with your Reapplication contact AWHSTA today for immediate help.


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