Occupational Health Assessments subjects

Arthur Williams has just completed a Mental Health at Work course it covers the Mental Health First Aid it covered a range of mental issues we had mental issues in our family over 30 years and suffered myself the subjects we covered were Depression-Stress- Suicidal Crisis – Anxiety-Personality Disorder-Eating Disorders-Self Harm-Psychosis-Schizophrenia – Bipolar Disorder -Dementia- Autism-Drugs & alcohol i did this course to give myself a better understanding from an Occupational Health Perspective as all these occur in the workplace this in my opinion as now the focus it deserves instead of been swept under the carpet by the government and employers.

Mental Illness in the Workplace will be more prominent in the future thats why i myself have undertaken a course in mental Health i have done 8 Occupational Heath Assessments in 2019/20 with quite a lot bordering on mental health.


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